What degrees are available at Empire State College?


The offers

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in the liberal arts and sciences and career fields are offered in 12 undergraduate areas of study:

  • the arts
  • business, management and economics
  • community and human services
  • cultural studies
  • educational studies
  • historical studies
  • human development
  • interdisciplinary studies
  • labor studies
  • public affairs
  • science, mathematics and technology
  • social science (formerly known as social theory, social structure and change).


The continues to add new master's degrees. Current programs include:

  • business, management and leadership
    • Master of Business Administration in Global Leadership
    • Master of Business Administration in Management
  • education
    • Master of Arts in Adult Learning
    • Master of Arts in Learning and Emerging Technologies
    • Master of Arts in Teaching
    • Master of Education in Teaching and Learning
  • liberal studies
    • Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
  • policy studies
    • Master of Arts in Community and Economic Development
    • Master of Arts in Labor and Policy Studies
    • Master of Arts in Social Policy


and are designed to provide focused study to support a particular career interest.