Associate and Bachelor’s Admissions

Application Essay — Associate and Bachelor's Admissions

The flexible and individualized learning aspects of Empire State College's programs require students to use and improve their reading and writing skills continually as they study at the college. In order to be successful from the beginning, students need to start with sufficient reading and writing skills.

The quality of your essay will determine your admission to the college.

Your essay is evaluated on:

  • how well you answer the essay questions
  • how well you organize and develop your ideas
  • grammar, spelling and vocabulary.

Remember to proofread your essay before you submit it.

Application Essay

In a typed essay of at least 300 words, please describe:

  • why you are applying to SUNY Empire State College
  • what you hope to study and how it relates to your personal and professional goals
  • what strengths and experience (educational, employment, community and personal background) you have that will make you a successful student at Empire State College.