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Nursing Mothers in the Workplace

The complete text of the Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Policy is available at the college's Policies, Procedures and Guidelines website.

The New York State Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Act requires employers to provide break time for nursing female employees to express breast milk for up to three years following the birth of a child. This law is consistent with the college's desire to provide an environment that recognizes and supports the work/life needs of our employees.

Employee’s Role

It is the employee’s responsibility to approach her supervisor and request an accommodation.

Supervisor’s Role

The supervisor is encouraged to rearrange work schedules to accommodate an employee’s request to express breast milk during the workday. Supervisors are to be flexible in accommodating an employee’s request at work. However, the law is not intended for employees to come in late and leave work early. If supervisors have a complicated situation or wish additional advice, they are encouraged to contact human resources.