Members' Comments about the Academy for Lifelong Learning Experience

People talking in the study group.

Our members, of course, are our biggest supporters and recruiters of prospective members. The following are some of their comments about the general program and the study groups:

"It's a wonderful experience. I am so glad I found A.L.L." Terry Fugazzi
"I am excited every spring and fall just waiting to see what courses will be offered. This is an excellent opportunity to broaden one's horizons and to keep mentally sharp. It also provides opportunities to meet and interact with people who share your thirst for knowledge." Phyllis Miyauchi
"The Academy has been my passport to a new community -- for activities, learning and friendships."
Marion Renning
"The Academy has reassured me that retirement is truly a new frontier. The enjoyable, instructive classes and the wonderful friendships are more than fulfilling."
Kelly Palmer
"My experience with A.L.L. has been friendly, upbeat and always full of new information. The volunteer opportunities allow me to be a part of the whole process."
Fran Spence
"To paraphrase Hercule Poirot ...'What a wonderful way to keep the Little Gray Cells working'!"
Mary Jane Miles
"The A.L.L. program extends our horizons."
Ben Armiento
"The Academy reminds me that I have a lot to learn and to teach!"
Marianne Finnegan
"I've always been curious. A.L.L. is helping me satisfy my curiosity about a whole range of subjects, including Broadway musicals, how bridges work, and Impressionist paintings and painters."
Kate Dudding