Academy for Lifelong Learning

Other Social Events

Leader speaking with two members.New Member Welcomes are scheduled a week before classes begin in the fall and spring. New members are teamed with an "experienced" A.L.L. buddy, who invites them to the event and meets them at the registration table. After the executive council chair greets those in attendance. Then the executive director describes the benefits and responsibilities of A.L.L. membership and explains the work of each of the committees. A short social period follows, when new members may meet each other and members of the executive council and have their questions about A.L.L. and the A.L.L. program answered. Study group leaders are available to answer questions about their upcoming courses before the All-Member Social begins.

All-Member Socials are scheduled a week before classes begin in the fall and spring immediately following the New Member Welcome. The executive council chair greets those in attendance and the executive director makes any announcements for the term. A social hour follows when everyone may enjoy a buffet of treats provided by the members.

The Holiday Luncheon is traditionally held at a local restaurant the first week in December, before everyone is inundated with other holiday commitments. It is a time for members to gather with new and established A.L.L. friends and share the gaiety of the holiday season. An art gallery of works produced in A.L.L. classes and/or a photo board of fall study groups may be viewed. The program is usually a reading of work produced in the previous term or a recently published A.L.L. publication, or a musical or theatrical performance as a culmination of a study group's activity.

A Winter Social or other special programs may be offered as an escape from cabin fever. In the past, this has provided the opportunity to relax, swim in an indoor pool, enjoy lunch and/or socialize with fellow Academy members.

The Annual Meeting/Luncheon is traditionally held the first week in June at a local restaurant. After the business meeting and election of officers for the upcoming year, the membership is entertained by A.L.L. talent resulting from spring study groups. An art gallery of works produced in the spring art classes and a photo board of spring study groups are usually on display.