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Learning Resources for Studies in Accounting

Recommended Links — General

Recommended Links — By the Center for Distance Learning

  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
    iFigure provides links to interactive online calculators and worksheets that provide information to help in planning, solving and making decisions for a multitude of business problems and tasks that come up daily, such as buying real estate, investing money, figuring business profits, or making statistical comparisons. To find a tool, choose a topic from the menu at the top left of page: Accounting, Employees, Expenses, Retailing, or Taxes or use the search box.
  • Empire State College - Learning Resources for Study in Economics/Data Link
    A College site that links students to the following government and nonprofits organizations and online publications: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Institute of Management Accountants (information on CMA/CFA exams), Internal Revenue Service, Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation, National Society of Accountants, and N.Y.S. CPA/Public Accountancy Licensing Requirements.
  • Rutgers Accounting Web site
    Links out to sites ranging from the Big Five, Journals and Publications, Audit and Law to Taxation.

Images - Accounting

  • Google Images - Accounting   A host of searchable accounting images can be integrated into the course documents (actual photographs).