Pamela Field, Cross Cultural Studies Graduate

Not only did it serve to design an appropriate degree program, but the process of reviewing my life leading up to my enrollment in Educational Planning served as a sort of milestone. It could be compared to collecting (on an informational level) all the fruits of prior endeavors, interests, hobbies, experiences, etc., placing them all on a table and giving them form. Having created this form, with the assistance of one's mentor, enables the designing of an appropriate and exciting degree program. On a more personal level, accomplishing this review within the framework of academia, allowed me to enhance my sense of self identity. In other words, it gave me a clearer understanding of who I am. I believe that this process would benefit anyone (student or not) who is in a moment of questioning their direction in life.

I want to express my deep gratitude to my mentor for all of your assistance, encouragement and wise advice during the completion of my Bachelor of Science degree at Empire State College. One suggestion my mentor made really stands out in my mind as noteworthy. While enrolled in Educational Planning and deciding upon the direction in which to focus my studies, I was considering Human Services or Human Development. While reading the evaluative essays I submitted, my mentor noticed a constant theme throughout them - my interest in cultures. The moment she suggested that I focus my degree program on cultural studies my entire being responded with an enthusiastic, " Yes, that's it!" This brilliant suggestion to direct my degree program in the area of cross-cultural studies made all the difference between merely studying to earn a degree and studying a subject for which I have great passion within the framework of my educational experience.

The courses in which I enrolled were extremely rewarding, the tutors all clearly masters in their field. Each of them encouraged my individual thinking process and when necessary, pushed me to reach my own conclusions and discoveries. The structure of each course was clearly geared toward mind enhancement and mastering the usage of information. The flexibility of the staff in all areas (tutors, registration, book distribution) to accommodate my needs at any given time made me feel supported. I have enthusiastically recommended Empire State College to many people interested in completing their degree and I will continue to do so. I am truly impressed with the educational experience I received in the Distance Learning Program!