Student Responsibilities

Distance learning offers convenience and flexibility for students with busy lives. It is an attractive prospect for students who have many other commitments and obligations. However, distance learning also requires discipline. To be successful, students must be self-motivated and responsible in their independent studies.

As a distance learning student, your responsibilities are to:

  • Obtain books and materials for your courses before the term begins. 
    Tip: Books should not be opened until you receive registration confirmation from the Center for Distance Learning (CDL). Materials cannot be returned to the bookstore if they are written in, damaged or separated if shrink-wrapped.
  • Set aside eight to ten hours of study time (per 4-credit course) per week for the duration of each term.
  • To access your online courses, go to MyESC, click on the Academics tab, then click on "Access your online courses."
  • Begin to read course materials and work on assignments during the first week of classes, even if you have not heard from your instructor. Throughout the course, continue to submit assignments on time and double check the course syllabus often for upcoming deadlines.
  • Contact CDL Student Services (800-847-3000, ext. 2470) if you do not hear from your instructor within the posted frame of response time. (Student Services form)
    Tip: Start working on upcoming assignments while waiting for feedback on assignments. This will ensure that you do not get behind in your studies.
  • Contact an instructor directly to ask for an extension for incomplete coursework.
    Tip: If “life events” get in the way of your studies, let your instructor know right away. Don’t wait until the course is over to let them know you need assistance.
  • Withdraw from courses in writing prior to the last day of the term. See the Withdrawal Policy for further information.
  • Let us know if there is a problem, but also to let us know when things are going well. We’re always looking for student feedback, and we can use your tips to help other students! Email your comments to: