Technology Information

Center for Distance Learning students use technology to participate in courses, keep in touch with their instructors, plan their degree programs, submit and receive information, and complete administrative tasks such as registration and book ordering.

Login and Password

You will receive information on how to activate your Empire State College login and password at your first enrollment. Be sure to activate this account and record your password information in a secure place.

Use this login to view your records, register for courses, pay tuition and fees, access password protected parts of the Empire State College web site, and use the DP Planner (Degree Program Planner).

Requirements for Online Courses

For its online learning environment, the college uses a learning management system called Moodle, via access within Moodlerooms. Students and faculty use their Empire State College user names and passwords. Students access online studies from MyESC on the Online Studies tab.

Many courses require additional software or hardware. Be sure to check the course catalog for this information before you enroll.

Technology Help and Information

Empire State College maintains a Technical Resources and Information web site for students at These pages also contain detailed instructions, FAQs and tutorials for most of the technologies used in online courses at the Center for Distance Learning.

For technical assistance with your online course, contact the Empire State College Service Desk, at