Tips on Midterm Evaluations

When Midterm is here there are a few things an instructor may choose to do. A great way to reduce student questions and complaints is to let her/him know how they are doing early on. Midterm is a great opportunity for this. Here are some thoughts on midterm evaluations.

Top Student Midterm Evaluations

"You're off to a great start. Your discussion points and mini-assignments are thorough and well written. You are quite "visible" in class, not only making an effort to respond to other classmates' discussion points, but to their mini-writing assignments as well. You add depth and insight to each module that is very valuable to the class--I particularly enjoy reading your assignments because they are so well crafted. Keep up the great work!"

Student Not Keeping Up with Work Midterm Evaluations

"I'm glad to see you logging on and working on the assignments, even if they are rather late. Your discussion and mini-writing assignments are thorough and well written--keep it up! I would like you to contribute more to the discussions. You need to be active in the present module. Please try, going forward, to be more "visible" in class so that you can earn the maximum points for the discussions and mini-writing assignments, and so both you and your classmates can benefit from your insight. Also, I noticed that I'm missing a mini-writing assignment from you for Week 3 and that you haven't contributed anything for Week 5. Please post these assignments ASAP--it's imperative that you catch up in time for the speechwriting portion of the class. Otherwise, you will likely not earn credit for this course."

NOTE: A No Credit outcome at the end of the term should never come as a surprise to a student!

Students who are Receiving Tuition Assistance from the Military or an Employer

Talk to their pocket book. If they are receiving Tuition Assistance (TA) from their employer or the military, they may not receive TA if they fail the course (or they will have to pay the TA back if they received it up-front).