Transportation is responsible for the largest percentage of SUNY Empire State College’s carbon footprint. The college serves more than 20,000 students worldwide at more than 35 locations in New York and online. Transportation includes employee and student commuting, as well as travel for work purposes.

Employee Commuting

Employees commuting to work account for about 35 percent of the college’s greenhouse gas emissions. The college encourages carpooling and alternative means of transportation. At the Coordinating Center, bike racks have been installed at all of the facilities and shower facilities are available. Most of our locations are within a quarter-mile of a bus stop.

Traveling for Work Purposes

Traveling for work purposes includes travel for professional development, meetings and other group events necessary to perform the duties of the job. The centers and units that make up the distributed campus of SUNY Empire State College are spread widely across the state. Our faculty, professionals and staff travel great distances to meet with one another in attempt to break down the barrier created by this distance. The college also makes video conferencing and other online tools available to all employees and students to reduce the need to travel.

Student Commuting

Although many students travel to the college to meet with mentors and participate in study groups and residencies, a significant portion of the college’s courses are offered online. Additionally, to reduce the need for students to travel, many mentors accept assignments and communicate with students electronically or over the phone. E-conferencing is also available, free to students.