Summer TAP Special Provisions

Summer TAP has special requirements. If you are eligible for and intend to use TAP for the Empire State College Summer term, you will need to meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You must have earned a combination of at least 24 college credits at Empire State College during the preceding year's Fall 1 term and the Spring 1 term.
  2. You must also have attended full time for the Spring 1 term.
  3. You must be in good academic standing with the college.
  4. You must meet all other eligibility for being awarded TAP.

Special Notes for ADA Part-Time TAP and Traditional Part-Time TAP Students

ADA Part-Time TAP students who enroll for the summer and have been awarded TAP do not have to meet the accelerated term requirement as outlined in the summer term TAP provisions above.

Traditional part-time TAP students who enroll for the summer must meet the following guidelines to be considered a true part-time student for state aid eligibility requirements and have the accelerated term requirement as outlined in the summer term TAP provisions above waived.

  • If the student has attended the college during the previous financial aid year, he or she must have attended part time during the term attended directly prior to the summer term. For example, if the student's first term with us was the spring term preceding the summer term, he or she must have attended part time with us in that spring term. 
  • New students will not be eligible to receive part-time TAP during summer if it's their first term with us, since a true determination of the student’s intent to remain a part-time student has not been established.



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The priority deadline to apply for financial aid for 2015-2016 is April 1, 2015.