M.A. Liberal Studies Enrollment Sequence

The typical enrollment sequence is as follows*:

First Term 6 cr Seminar in Liberal Studies**, 3 cr
Models of Critical Inquiry**, 3 cr
Second Term 6 cr Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Study**, 3 cr
One elective - literature review, 3 cr
Third Term 6 cr Two electives, 3 cr
Fourth Term 6 cr One elective, 3 cr
One elective - methodology, 3 cr
Fifth Term 6 cr Two electives, 6 cr
Sixth Term 6 cr One elective, 3 cr
Final Project, 3 cr
Total 36 cr  

* = the graduate fall and spring terms are 15 weeks long and the summer term is 8 weeks long. Therefore, students enrolling during the summer term may need to work with their mentor to adjust this enrollment sequence.
** = residency-based course