School for Graduate Studies

M.A. in Adult Learning Enrollment Sequence

The typical enrollment sequence is as follows:

First Term 6 cr Rethinking Experience and Learning, 3cr
Learning and Development in Contemporary Adulthood, 3 cr
Second term 6 cr Strategies for Effective Adult Learning, 3 cr
Approaches to Critical Inquiry and Research, 3 cr
Third term 6 cr elective, 3cr
elective, 3cr
Fourth term 6 cr elective, 3cr
elective, 3cr
Fifth term 6 cr

Project Design, 3 cr
elective, 3cr

Sixth term 6 cr Final Project, 3 cr
elective, 3 cr
Total 36 cr  

The graduate fall and spring terms are 15 weeks long, and the summer terms have some offerings for eight weeks and some for 15 weeks. The exact enrollment sequence should be planned between the student and the academic advisor as part of degree planning. All students do not enroll in 6 credits every term. This is a sample enrollment sequence only.