Support for College Community Affected by Hurricane

January 2013 Late Registration Fees Waived for Students in Centers Affected by Hurricane Sandy

January 2013 late registration fees will be waived for all students enrolled at a location affected by Hurricane Sandy, including the Hudson Valley, Metro, Van Arsdale and Long Island centers. All other centers (and after this term) will follow existing procedures for waiving the fee.

The conventional process for waiving the fee has been in place for several years. Deans, or his or her documented designee, send an email to with the name and ID number of the student, or students, for whom they are waiving the late registration fee.

Each center has its own process for identifying these students and under which circumstances a waiver will be allowed.

For more information, contact the dean at individual centers.

The entire Empire State College community expresses its solidarity with and concern for those members of our college community – students, faculty and staff – affected by the hurricane that hit the East Coast on Oct. 29. This website has been created to help those facing the extraordinary challenges precipitated by the effects of the storm. It offers a variety of resources to help and information about how best to move forward with academic study at Empire State College.

These are difficult times filled with hard choices; for some of our students the idea of continuing studies is impossible, yet for others it presents the chance to return to a routine of normalcy longed for in the uncertainty of loss.

Of special note is the $50,000 fund established by the Empire State College Foundation and the Student Activity Fee Committee for students affected by the storm who are attempting to continue and complete their studies but need additional financial assistance to do so.

Drawing on its more than 40-year tradition of flexibility, the faculty and staff of Empire State College will work individually with each of our students affected by the storm to develop an individualized plan to meet their academic needs. As always, students should work directly with their mentors to explore academic options. Those unable to reach a mentor or student services specialist, should call this college toll-free number for information: 800-847-3000.

January 2013 Late Registration Fees Waived for Students in Centers Affected by Hurricane Sandy