Faculty and Staff Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I have been unable to reach my student?

Let student services know of the situation.

Your student may be dealing with multiple priorities and may have lost the ability to communicate for now. You may want to schedule a time on your calendar to try and contact your student every few days. Use multiple forms of communication — phone, email or U.S. mail.

How do I advise students regarding issues around the hurricane?

Encourage them to read through this website. It will be helpful if you read through the student FAQ section of the website as well. Individuals in crisis often miss the details.

What do I tell a student who is in crisis?

The college has a free telephonic counseling assistance program. The number is 800-756-3124. They will assess what the student needs are and if face to face counseling is necessary they will assist the student in locating services.

Also give the option for a retroactive withdrawal.

However, please note this may impact the student in multiple ways. They should work with financial aid to make sure they can handle the financial implications that the withdrawal would create.

What support is there for students who have lost everything?

Use the resources on the website to locate assistance through public and private funding.

How do I advise a student who wants to continue with the course but has not been able to get into the course yet, or until very recently?

Work with the student to determine a schedule for completion of the course. The more structured your approach is the more helpful it is to the student. Give new deadlines as appropriate. Encourage the student to complete at least 50% of the course by the ned of the term.

Note: For federal and state aid, there are GPA requirements and completion requirements that must be met. If they stay enrolled and do not successfully complete their studies or receive a poor grade, that can have an impact of future term aid.

Please recommend that the students contact the Financial Aid Office at FinancialAid@esc.edu so that their account can be reviewed and they can learn how they be affected.

If a student decides to withdraw from all of their studies, their financial aid will need to be recalculated. If they have already received a refund, they may owe a balance.

However, if they have noted that the withdrawal was due to the hurricane any withdrawal during the fall term will not affect continued eligibility for future terms.

Where do I refer a student who clearly needs FEMA assistance?

Point them to the contacts on this website.

Does the 50% rule apply for Incompletes for this term for students affected by the storm?

Use your professional judgment in this matter. Students who are in warning or those who have financial aid may be adversely affected by an outcome of an incomplete. The students should check with financial aid or student services to determine the consequences of an incomplete grade.

If you have questions about an academic decision, please contact your associate dean or area coordinator.

Where do I send students who have questions about financial aid or student accounts?

Have students contact the Financial Aid Office at FinancialAid@esc.edu or Student Accounts Office at 800-847-3000, ext. 2516.

Where do I send students who need financial resources to replace books and materials?

The college has funds that have been set aside to replace learning resources. Information is available about the Emergency Educational Grant on this website and from student support contacts at centers and programs. Applications are due by 5 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012.

Also, point them to the disaster relief resources and financial assistance pages of this website.