I have not been able to reach my mentor. What should I do?

Mentors have been impacted by the storm as well as students.  If you have access to email, please email your mentor and allow 24 hours to hear back. You can call your center for academic support.

There are also student support contacts available at centers and programs.

I will not be able to complete my studies by the end of the term. What should I do?

There are several options that you can explore. Contact your mentor to get advice. These options range from incompletes to withdrawal but you are best determining a plan with your mentor or individual instructor.

My books and materials were lost in the hurricane. Is there any replacement assistance?

Yes, the college has funds that have been set aside for this purpose. Information is available about the Emergency Educational Grant on this website and from student support contacts at centers and programs.

How can I get a discount on computers and software?

There is a detailed article, Purchasing Computers, Software and Internet Access, in the college Tech Info knowledgebase which includes links to sites providing student discounts.

Additional sites include:

  • LogiSoft for discounts on Adobe and Microsoft products
    Questions? Call 888-564-4763

  • Apple - type Empire State College, NY into the search window - if your center or program is not listed, select Saratoga Springs
    Questions? Call 800-MY-APPLE

Where are Staten Island study groups meeting?

New Dorp High School, Staten IslandLocations are set for January 2013 except for two applied microcomputer evening studies.

  • Spring term evening study groups will be held on the second floor of New Dorp High School. The high school is located at 465 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island.
  • The Emergency Management residency on Saturdays will be held in Manhattan at 325 Hudson St.
  • Updates about the location of the applied microcomputer studies with Al Arcuri will be available shortly.
  • We will go back to 500 Seaview Ave. as soon as it is habitable.
  • Visit the Metro New York site to read the message to Staten Island students from Dean Cyntha L. Ward.

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Registration - I am concerned about registering for the January 2013 term.

The January term begins on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013.

  • Regular online registration ends on Friday, Jan. 11 at 5 p.m.
  • Late online registration opens on Monday, Jan. 14 at 9 a.m. and ends on Friday, Jan. 18 at 5 p.m.

Financial Aid - I was unable to work at my Federal Work Study appointment. Will I get paid?

Unfortunately, you cannot get paid for hours not worked. However, you do have the option of working more hours to make up lost pay if your employer is willing to let you work additional hours and if you haven't exceeded your allotted Federal Work Study award.

Please remember that you must first get approval from your mentor to work anything over 25 hours per week and this needs to be emailed from your mentor to work.study@esc.edu.

Financial Aid - I am experiencing a financial burden due to the hurricane. Can my aid be increased?

Generally, most students have already received the maximum amount of finacial aid (grants, loans, Federal Work Study) possible for the term.

However, please email the Financial Aid Office at FinancialAid@esc.edu so that we may fully review your account and determine if your aid can be increased. If you have lost hours from work due to the hurricane and expect to earn less for 2012 than you did for 2011 please include that information in your email to our office.

Financial Aid - Will my aid for future terms be affected if I am not able to successfully complete this term?

For federal and state aid, there are GPA requirements and completion requirements that must be met. If you stay enrolled and do not successfully complete your studies or receive a poor grade, that can have an impact of future term aid.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office at FinancialAid@esc.edu so that we may review your account and let you know how you can be affected.

If you decide to withdraw from all of your studies, your financial aid will need to be recalculated and you may owe a balance if you have already received a refund. However, if you've noted that the withdrawal was due to the hurricane any withdrawal during the fall term will not affect continued eligibility for future terms.

Student Accounts - I need to withdraw due to the hurricane. How will this affect my charges?

The college can backdate a withdrawal for students impacted by Sandy, and if you are a student attending the Hudson Valley, Long Island, Van Arsdale or Metro centers or live in a county declared a disaster by FEMA, no additional documentation is necessary.  You may check the box at the top of the withdrawal form at www.esc.edu/withdraw that states you are withdrawing due to Sandy.

When your withdrawal is backdated, your tuition and fee charges will be removed for the term.  However, we will still be obligated to recalculate your federal aid based on your last date of attendance.  If you have received a financial aid refund, you may have to return it.  If you think that you may have to withdraw (especially for November term students), we strongly encourage you to contact Financial Aid to discuss the possible impact of withdrawing prior to using your refund.

Student Accounts - I can't access the Internet. How can I withdraw?

Student Accounts, in cooperation with the Registrar’s Office, has developed protocol for accepting withdrawals over the phone for students who cannot access the form. 

Contact Student Accounts at 800-847-3000, ext. 2516.

Student Accounts - I usually receive a check for my refund, but I can't accept mail at my address right now. What should I do?

Log onto ESCChoicecard.com and update your refund information with Higher One.

Student Accounts - I am on the time payment plan and need additional time to pay my outstanding balance. Can you help?

Student Accounts can make sure that your late payment charges are removed and offer you some additional time to make your payments.  Approximately a month after all time payments are due for a term, if there is still an outstanding balance, the Accounts Receivable office will send you a bill and you may contact that office if you need to make payment arrangements.