July 19, 2012

Office of Integrated Technologies Completes Two-Year Process to Implement Single Sign-On for Websites

Effective July 20, 2012, after two years of planning and implementation, the Office of Integrated Technologies has completed the initial implementation of Web Single Sign-on (SSO).

What is Web single sign-on?

This means that users of the following services will be able to log into the college's authentication system just once and then move between these web services without logging in again.

Which Web services have SSO enabled?

The following services now feature SSO:

  • College website
  • The Commons
  • Datatel Web Advisor*
  • Exchange/ESCnet
  • Library's article and e-book databases
  • Lotus Notes Webmail*
  • Tech Info Technology Help Desk Ticketing System

*Note that SSO does not work with desktop-installed software such as the client versions of Lotus Notes or Datatel.

What will change?

You may have already noticed a new streamlined login page. Just enter the same college login and password you have been using.

What else do I need to know?

  • Remember to sign out and close all Web browser windows when done working online at the college. This is important for security reasons in order to protect private information that belongs to you and others associated with the college. Give special thought to this especially if you are using a public computer in a lab or at a conference venue.
  • Not all college applications or websites are SSO enabled. Notification will be sent out informing the college community when a given application is scheduled for Web single sign-on work.
  • Web SSO is about authentication only. It does not cover rights and permissions within the specific Web application
  • If you encounter any problems, try clearing your Web browser’s cache and temporary Internet files. This should resolve most issues. Refer to this article for more information on clearing your cache.

How can I learn more?

For more information, see this article on the college’s New Web Login System . If you need additional assistance, contact the college's user support services group at

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