December 5, 2013

Monday, Dec. 9 SUNY Secure Employee Services Portal (Including Time and Attendance) login is changing

Starting Monday, Dec. 9 2013, the SUNY Employee Services Portal will now use the college’s web single sign-on for access. The SUNY Employee Services Portal provides access to SUNY wide applications such as SMRT, E-Business Services, Time and Attendance, Degreeworks and more.

Prior to the change on 12/9/13, Empire State College employees who used the portal had to select Empire State for the campus and then enter their user id and passwordas, shown in figure 1 below.

figure 1 - current login screen.

Starting Dec. 9th, when logging in through the SUNY Secure Sign On, you will select Empire State but will no longer see fields to enter a user id and password, as seen in figure 2 below. Click the Login button to continue.

figure 2 - new login screen

If you have already logged in to ESCNet, Moodle, Commons, Web Mail, etc… you will be taken directly to your SUNY application. If you have not logged in as mentioned above, then the Empire State College login screen will appear. Enter login information to continue.

There is no single sign-out.  By clicking on Sign Off in the upper right corner of your SUNY application, you will sign out only from the SUNY Employee Services Portal. You will continue to be logged in to the college's web single sign-on.  Closing the browser (including multiple windows/tabs) is the same as clicking on a logout link. For security reasons, make sure to close the browser (including multiple windows/tabs) when done working online. This is especially important if you are using a public computer such as a lab computer!  For detailed information on the college’s web single sign-on please see the New Secure Web Login System knowledgebase article.

We will be moving many of our applications to the college’s web single sign-on in a phased and deliberate process.

If you have questions, please contact OIT User Support Services at 518-587-2100 extension 2420.

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