April 5, 2013

Faculty and Staff Invited to Participate in Survey About Using Technology for Collaboration

David O’Neill, vice president of the Office of Integrated Technologies, and Deb Amory, acting provost, are jointly sponsoring conversations across the college to learn more about the varied technology spaces and methods that are used for collaboration. There has been a longstanding need for efficient, user-friendly ways for members of the Empire State College community to engage in group tasks that are not limited by time or distance. This need extends across the college and across multiple purposes, as the college seeks to collaborate effectively in mentoring, teaching and learning, as well as governance and administrative projects.

The college has a number of online tools for this purpose (i.e., ESCnet, Commons websites, ANGEL community spaces), but none have proven sufficient to meet all needs. As the college transitions to an integrated Moodle/Mahara learning-management system that incorporates a robust ePortfolio function, it is time to examine user needs and consider how best to create an online collaborative space for students, faculty, support and professional staff.

The college has hired a consultant to conduct two days of focus group discussions with the goal of discovering the functional requirements across various groups and projects. A cross-section of faculty, staff, administrators and students are being contacted to participate in these sessions, which will be held in the week of April 8.  Those interested in joining are asked to contact suzanne.deweese@esc.edu in the Office of Academic Affairs

Additionally, O'Neill and Amory recognize that not everyone can participate in these sessions.  Therefore, members of the college community are invited to  to contribute their perspectives at Using Technology for Collaboration.

Questions or concerns can be directed to suzanne.hayes@esc.edu or gayle.noel@esc.edu.

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