Project Management Office Principles

The function of the project management office is to bring order and standardization to diverse project-management practices in OIT by instituting defined, repeatable processes, standards, monitoring and control to ensure that best practices inform future work. Best practices are developed as we review what was successful and what was not in previous projects and apply lessons learned. This application of learning is the key to the successful delivery of future projects.

We will:

  • foster a collaborative environment by marshaling people, processes and tools to enable successful completion of projects and advance our project-management capabilities
  • view project management on both the operational and strategic levels:
    • On the operational level, we will focus on delivering projects effectively and efficiently by adhering to our project-management methodology.
    • On the strategic level, we will make project management more adaptive, responsive and innovative so that it generates a more creative approach to solving problems and delivering successful projects.

In applying these principles we:

  1. balance process, methodology, efficiency and innovation
  2. balance the science and art of project management
  3. apply continuous innovation to processes and tools
  4. become more effective in managing the relationships with all project stakeholders.

Guiding principles related to project development. 

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