Guiding Principles Related to Project Development

  1. Core college data is collected and maintained in Datatel.
  2. OIT will recommend appropriate tools for application development, however in all cases, Datatel will be the first tool explored.
  3. OIT may consider the use of other development tools for unique Empire State College applications that are not supported by Datatel.
  4. When appropriate, OIT will investigate and recommend solutions other than programming.
  5. OIT will respond to project requests, based on the current project request process, with an analysis to clarify the objectives among stakeholders and an outline of the possible approaches to the project.
  6. Given the volume of project requests from the operational offices, OIT recommends the following guidelines:
    • Prioritize development tasks based on the frequency of use and number of users (80/20 rule).
    • Do not automate infrequent or low-volume tasks.
    • Make use of templates developed for the type of tasks covered by the project request.
    • Recognize that not all parts of a project can be supported by programming.
  7. OIT does not support independent databases of college data and information as this often results in unstable and conflicting data. OIT may provide "mapping" to multi-user databases that support preliminary work in high-volume areas of college activity. In most cases such "mapping" will be one way, from Datatel to the multi-user database. 

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