OIT Services and Support

Administrative Systems

Administrative systems are the Web-based and desktop applications used by students, employees and others to complete administrative tasks. The Office of Integrated Technologies oversees a wide range of applications, including payroll, email, admissions, academic records and the college website.

Communication Systems

The college's communication systems include email, telephony, videoconferencing and web-based communication tools.

Courseware and Academic Systems

Courseware and academic systems are used by students for their studies and degree planning, and by faculty for their work with students and scholarly activities.


The college's technology projects include both new and existing applications and research into emerging technologies for possible use at the college.

Technology Help Desk and User Support

Help with these college-supported applications and hardware is available by phone, online and at college locations.

Training, Instruction and Tutorials

Real-time training and instruction, documentation and self-paced tutorials are online.

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