Admissions Online Applications

Online admissions applications are Web forms that allow applicants to apply to SUNY Empire State College.  There are three different application forms:

  • undergraduate (UG) application form
  • graduate (GR) application form
  • nondegree undergraduate application form

Applicants have 90 days to complete the UG and GR applications once they begin; the nondegree UG application is completed at one sitting. After the UG and GR applications are submitted, the admissions office prints out the applications and the data is transferred to Datatel. The nondegree UG application data is transferred to Datatel immediately, enabling the applicant to register for studies right away, if desired.

How can I access admissions online applications?

Applicants are required to create Empire State College login accounts prior to completing an application. 

Current and nondegree  students should use their college login (e.g., john_doe123). To activate a login or get a password reminder, go to

Prospective students and others who do not have a college login can request a temporary account at 'Start Application' at the bottom of the UG and GR application pages. The temporary account name will be based on the applicant's email address and a password of their choice. This account will be active for approximately six months.

For information about admissions online applications, submit a technology support request .