Datatel Colleague Student System

Datatel is SUNY Empire State College's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  It  is used to view and update the college's administrative data, such as student academic and financial records, curriculum information and alumni data. Datatel software works in conjunction with Unidata, a database management system. Datatel has two software applications: Colleague Student, the student application; and Colleague Advancement, the alumni development application.

What information can be accessed using Datatel?

The Datatel software provides access to view and update information about prospects, applicants, students, alumni, faculty, staff and outside vendors. Demographic information is maintained for all groups. Academic and financial information is maintained for students and alumni. Datatel also provides reports that can be run from functional office and center menus.

How can I access Datatel?

The Datatel software is accessed through a login and password assigned to each authorized user. If you need access to Datatel, submit a technology support request .

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