End User Quarantine

Below, learn about our newly updated spam filtering system at Empire State College.

What is End User Quarantine?

End User Quarantine (EUQ) is a user interface through which you can manage mail held in quarantine.

What is an email quarantine?

The email quarantine is the place EUQ stores emails received that are suspicious and could be classified as spam.

What is spam?

Spam is mail sent from unidentified sources (usually in bulk) to users that include links that, when clicked, may send users to phishing web sites or sites that are hosting malware. Spam email may also include malware as scripts or other executable file attachments. These are dangerous sites for users to visit, as they can steal personal information just based on a visit to the site.

Managing Spam through EUQ

End User Quarantine (EUQ) offers more tools to manage trapped (quarantined) email. EUQ will send out email alerts to all users regarding their quarantined messages.

The email notification will include an inline form display, which allows choices to be made by clicking links.

Spam quarantine

The list of all trapped messages will appear at the top of the screen. These messages will remain in this list until an action is taken or it is automatically deleted by the system (default is after 21 days). A spam digest will be sent to users every six hours.

Under the Subject heading, all the trapped messages will appear.

  1. Score: This column provides the point value (0-10) the email earns per violation. Anything over 5 will be marked spam and displayed here. Anything 10 or above will be automatically deleted. The higher the score, the more danger the email presents.
  2. From: The address from which the email came.
  3. Date: The date and time EUQ received and trapped the message.

Underneath each entry, a list of Action links appear that allow you to control what happens to the message.

    • Delete - This choice will completely remove the selected message.
    • Release - This choice will remove the message from the quarantine and send it to the user's live inbox, where it can be viewed.
    • Release & Whitelist -This choice will remove the message from the quarantine and send it to the user's live inbox, where it can be viewed. In addition, it will prevent EUQ from quarantining messages from the sender's address in the future. 
      Note: If you whitelist an email address this way, it only applies to your account, not systemwide.
    • Delete & Blacklist - This choice will delete the message and add the sender to the blacklist, so that any future message from that address is automatically classified as spam.
      Note: If you blacklist an email address this way, it only applies to your account, not systemwide.‌

screenshot of the spam quarantine submenu on the Quarantined email messages page in EUQ

When a link is clicked, a new screen will appear, detailing the action just taken.

screenshot of requested actions menu from the QUD

Content quarantine

This submenu provides a list of the email messages placed in the user's personal content quarantine since the last digest email was sent out. If there are no new messages, "No new mail" will display.

screenshot of Content Quarantine Submenu in the quarantined messages page

Blacklist and Whitelist summaries


Here, a list of email address will that the user has set to automatically reject. 


Here, a list of accepted addresses will appear that have been whitelisted through the Action column.

Note: If an email address is whitelisted/blacklisted in either of these lists, it only applies to the active user's account, not systemwide.

screenshot of blacklist and whitelist summaries on the quarantined email messages screen

Quarantine settings

In this section, it displays the number of days the system will keep any unprocessed spam messages (default and maximum is 21 days) before it automatically deletes them. To change this number, click the link for one of the other date ranges: 1 day, 7 days, or 14 days.‌

screenshot of the quarantine settings submenu on the quarantined email messages page

After a link is clicked, a new page will appear, verifying the choice. The Quarantine settings will be updated going forward.

screenshot of updated quarantine lifetime status

If you have any issues with accessing or processing your new ESC User Quarantine, please submit a technology support request.