Information Skills Tutorial

The information skills tutorial was created by the librarians to help new researchers acquaint themselves with techniques, tools and strategies for conducting research online. The website was designed so that it could be integrated into a course or used as a self-teaching tool for new researchers who want to learn the entire process from start to finish or use each section as needed.

Sections include:

  1. Welcome
  2. Develop Topic
    1. Decide on a Topic
    2. Get Background Information Using Reference Tools
    3. Narrow Your Topic a Final Time
  3. Strategize
    1. Sources of Information
    2. Scholarly vs. Popular Sources
    3. Primary vs. Secondary Sources
    4. Current vs. Retrospective Sources
  4. Search
    1. Identify Keywords
    2. Combine Keywords into a Search
    3. Locate Search Tools
    4. Fine Tune Search Results
    5. Locate Full Text
    6. Find Information Sources Outside the Library
  5. Evaluate
    1. Evaluate Sources and the Information in Them
    2. Timeliness
    3. Reliability
    4. Authority
    5. Purpose and Perspective
  6. Cite
    1. Why Cite?
    2. What Is a Citation?
    3. Parts of a Citation
    4. Citing Tools and Tips
    5. Citation Styles
  7. Advanced
    1. Using Your First Search Results to Improve Your Next Search
    2. Searching with Controlled Vocabulary
    3. The Six-Phase Approach to Research
    4. Information Ethics and Citizenship
      1. Copyright and Intellectual Property
      2. Privacy and Information Security
      3. Freedom of Speech and Information
      4. Equity and the Digital Divide
    5. The Research Portfolio
  8. Help
    1. Table of Contents with Links
    2. Glossary

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