Management of the Online Learning Environment (MOLE)

What is MOLE?

MOLE is a Lotus Notes application that functions as middleware between the Moodlerooms Learning Management System and the college's users and data sources. The primary purpose of MOLE is to aggregate data from various sources within the college and upload that data to Moodlerooms on a daily basis. A secondary purpose is to provide a web interface by which designated users can modify or add to that aggregated data prior to it being uploaded to Moodlerooms .

What information can be accessed using MOLE?

The data that MOLE collects and manages is used to create all Moodlerooms user accounts, all Moodlerooms courses and most Moodlerooms enrollment records (some non-academic groups are allowed to manage their enrollments directly within Moodlerooms). The data is collected as follows:

  • faculty/staff account information is imported/updated from the Lotus Notes faculty/staff address book
  • student account information is imported/updated from the Lotus Notes student, pre-student and alumni address books
  • Moodlerooms guest accounts are created/updated manually via the web interface by designated users
  • Moodlerooms course information (including which Datatel sections are associated with each Moodlerooms course) is imported from the CDL and Grad Term Prep applications, imported from spreadsheets provided by other offices or entered manually by designated users via the web interface
  • Moodlerooms enrollments (and access rights) are either automatically generated according to the Datatel sections that have been associated with each Moodlerooms course, or entered manually via the web interface.

How can I access and learn more about MOLE?

Visit MOLE (login required) 

If you need access to, or have a question about, MOLE, submit a technology support request.