Prior Learning Assessment System (PLA Planner)

What is the PLA Planner?

Prior learning assessment (PLA) offers students the opportunity to receive college-level credit for knowledge gained outside the traditional classroom. PLA Planner is the online tool used by Empire State College students, mentors, assessment offices and evaluators.

Using PLA Planner

  • the student submits initial requests to their mentor
  • the mentor submits completed student requests to the regional assessment office
  • the regional assessment office assigns accepted requests to an evaluator and keeps the student apprised of the progress of their request.

The evaluator uses PLA Planner to:

  • review the student's degree plan and request
  • accept or reject the assignment
  • submit an evaluation of the student's learning and recommendation for credit to the assessment office for accepted assignments.

How can I access PLA?

students -

mentors -

evaluators -

How can I learn more about PLA?

If you have a question about PLA, submit a technology support request.