Student Online Registration System

What is the registration system?

The registration system includes the registration web form, learning opportunities inventory (LOI) and term guides. Together, these systems allow students to create and register for independent studies and standardized courses.

The registration web form leads the student through the entire registration process, including verifying demographic data, completing worksheets, consulting mentors and submitting their study choices for a particular term.

The annual LOI is a tool designed for current students to view available studies/courses, current and future. It also assists instructors in controlling their course offerings.

Term guides are accessed by students from the registration home, using 'Search' or "Go To Term Guide" on the worksheet. The system determines the user's home location to compute a link to the right section of the guide, then uses other data to determine which content to show the student.

How can I access the registration system?

To learn more about the registration system visit: