Security Systems Infrastructure

What is the security systems infrastructure?

Empire State College is a distributed campus, necessitating access control and monitoring from Buffalo to the far reaches of Long Island. To make this possible, a private and secure network infrastructure has been developed to provide the Office of Safety and Security with centralized control. The security system comprises a number of applications that control door-locking schedules, access control through your staff/faculty ID card, ID card generation and video surveillance.

How does this impact a faculty or staff member?

Your staff/faculty ID card is programmed to access your center's facilities and all associated unit facilities.

All staff/faculty ID cards are programmed to access facilities at the Coordinating Center in Saratoga Springs.

Who do I contact for changes?

Name changes, title/organization changes and replacement cards can be handled at your own center or unit locations.

Other location-dependent changes that would alter your access requirements must be directed to the Office of Safety and Security.