Student Academic Documents (DocPak)

Student academic documents comprise DocPak and the "My Academic Documents" website.

  • DocPak is the internal document-processing system for learning contracts (LCs) and the pre-November 2011 term course evaluations (CEs). 
  • Learning contracts are created, approved and processed in DocPak. 
  • "My Academic Documents" is the student-facing website where students can access the content of their LCs, CEs, outcomes and grades once they are completely processed.

What information can be accessed using student academic documents?

DocPak contains the complete document and its history for LCs, CEs and outcomes. It also displays the letter grades entered after the November 2011 term, student demographic information, mentor to-do lists, workflow and several reports. DocPak is accessed internally via Lotus Notes.

The "My Academic Documents" website contains the student's ESC enrollment history and all LC, CE and outcome content.

For more information about student academic documents visit the "My Academic Documents" website.