Student Financial Services including Financial Aid and Student Accounts

Student Financial Services offers password-protected Web forms including a financial aid award letter, financial aid online application, enrollment for time payment and making a payment.

  • The financial aid award letter permits students to view the status of financial aid programs or grants applied for. For more information, visit Financial Aid.
  • The financial aid online application forms include the ;special condition form, verification form, negligible income form and aid for part-time study form. For more information, visit Financial Aid Online Forms.
  • The time payment plan allows students to pay their registration charges in three convenient installments. For more information, visit Time Payment Plan Terms and Conditions.
  • The "make a payment" form allows students to pay for tuition charges directly via credit card.  Alternatively, students can print out the invoice and payment stub and mail in this information along with a personal check. To view pending charges, students can login to My Student Account Statement or Student Account Statement by Term forms. For more information, visit how to make payments after registration.

Visit MyRecords to access student financial services forms.

Applicants are required to create Empire State College login accounts prior to accessing these forms. 

Current students should use their college login (e.g., john_doe123). To activate a login or get a password reminder, go to MyESC.

Prospective students and others who do not have a college login can request a temporary account using the Request Temporary Account button at the bottom of the Financial Aid Online Forms screen. The temporary account name will start with "FA" (e.g., FAJohn Doe) and a password of their choice. This account will be active for approximately six months.

Visit the Financial Aid and Student Accounts websites to learn more about student financial services.