Required Elements

The required elements marked in the screenshot below are for college and college-affiliated webpages and Web-based applications that are not using the standard page layouts developed for the TerminalFour (t4) system, or are not housed in the t4 system.

Exceptions to the requirements must be authorized in advance by OCGR.

The requirements also include the look and feel of all the required elements.

  • Title Bar: the contents of the title bar must use this pattern:
    (title of the page, or very similar) | (title of the site, or main section) | SUNY Empire State College
    For example, in the screenshot below, the title bar contains:
    Faculty, Staff and Administration | About ESC | SUNY Empire State College
  • Header and Top Navigation: the college logo must be a link to the college homepage and the alternative text for the image must be "SUNY Empire State College."
  • Links: in the header and top navigation, main navigation and footer, all links shown must be included and positioned as shown.
  • Breadcrumb Trail: the left-most link must be "ESC Home" and link to the college homepage. Any remaining links should indicate where the page fits into the site as a whole.
  • Page Title: this must be a first-level heading <h1>.
  • Left Navigation: if a left navigation column is used, it must have the look and feel shown below.

Screenshot of a typical college web page, with required elements marked