Wimba Voice Tools

The Wimba Voice Tools suite is a collection of four distinct voice-recording tools that offer live audio and playback functionality. Using the Wimba nugget in ANGEL, you can create simple podcasts, which students can subscribe to, and which can support your teaching and their learning. These can be fully integrated into an online course or used as a stand-alone, web-based resource to supplement a traditional independent study.

The suite includes:

  1. voice discussion boards: a threaded audio discussion board where both instructors and students can post and listen to voice recordings
  2. voice presentation: allows the instructor to add web content alongside an associated recording; permits students to post audio comments
  3. voice podcaster: allows the instructor to create and deliver podcasts; students can download a series of audio recordings (via 'Communicate' in their ANGEL course, or software such as iTunes or comparable software) to mp3 players, such as iPods
  4. voice authoring: allows instructors to record vocal messages for playback on a web page (like announcements on the main course homepage).

Center mentors can contact their local faculty instructional technologists for assistance with Wimba.

Visit Wimba's website to learn more about the software.

To add Wimba Voice Tools to an ANGEL course, submit a technology support request.