Institutional Review Board

Institutional Review Board

In an effort to ensure the ethical treatment of human subjects in research conducted under the auspices of Empire State College, the college requires that all research involving human subjects be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). This means that regardless of whether the research is conducted by faculty, staff, or students, an IRB protocol must be completed and submitted to the IRB for review and approval prior to the conduct of the research.

There are three categories under which a submitted protocol may fall:

  1. exempt from review;
  2. eligible for expedited review
  3. requires full IRB review.

In any of these situations, a protocol must be filed by the researcher and it will be up to the IRB to determine into which category a protocol may fall.

Overview: Institutional Review Board (IRB) Review Considerations

The IRB reviews protocols on a monthly basis. Protocols are collected in the IRB mailbox at up to the end of the month. Prior to any protocol review, all of the researchers on the project must have completed the CITI training. Training must be renewed every three years.

Assuming that no additional information is needed, your protocol should be reviewed during the first two weeks of the next month. If additional information is needed, the principal investigator will be contacted by email. Quick follow-through on the request for additional information will allow for immediate re-review of the protocol.

IRB approvals are granted for one year and the end date will be included in your approval letter. If your project is going to continue beyond the one year, you need to request re-approval to continue. Re-approval requests should be completed just prior to the end of the year. These requests should outline what has been accomplished in the previous year, what will be done in the next year, and if there are any changes to the original protocol. If re-approvals are requested after the end date, you will need to start all over again by submitting a new IRB Request for Approval of Human Subjects Research form.

Below are the links to the forms, guidance and tools to help you through the process of getting and maintaining your IRB approvals, as well as ensuring that your research subjects are protected.