How do I know if it's under the "educational use" exemption?

Listen to the Educational Use podcast (transcript)

The "educational use" exemption allows for the display and performance of copyrighted works in a face-to-face classroom setting. 

Educational Use Requirements

  • must be in a face-to-face classroom setting in an accredited, nonprofit educational institution
  • limited to performance and display; and does not allow for copying or distributing copies
  • must be for purely educational purposes; the exemption doesn't apply to extracurricular activities, teacher training, conferences, etc.
  • copies must be legally obtained, i.e., purchased, borrowed or rented; taped/recorded by DVR at home if there is no way to purchase, borrow or rent in time to use in class (discard or delete copy after use).

Educational Use Restrictions

  • does not apply online, even behind a password
  • does not allow for making multiple copies or handouts of any kind.

What does educational use allow?

  • student performances of songs, poems, scenes from plays, etc.
  • performances of songs, poems, plays, etc. for students.
  • displaying images on a screen. 
  • playing music, movies, documentaries, television shows and other audio and audiovisual recordings; there is no length limit, but it does have to occur during class time.