September 12, 2012

All About Our Students

By Steve Blum

I was very impressed with the professionalism that Dr. Ivanov exhibited and with the quality of the coursework that was assigned. During my four studies, I became even more advanced in the Microsoft Office Suite and feel that the coursework I completed prepared me to teach my students more advanced concepts and implementations than ever before. One particular aspect that I chose to take to another level occurred when I was assigned to create a flier/newsletter for a school event using various elements of Microsoft Publisher. Not only did I create a flier for the school event, but I actually created the event! The event was a carnival complete with games, carnival prizes, food, cotton candy, popcorn, Italian ices, live circus entertainment, face painting, a martial arts demonstration, and over 50 raffle prizes from local and national child friendly venues and companies. It was attended by over 300 families and raised thousands of dollars for the arts and music programs at the school.

It was a pleasure working with Dr. Ivanov and I highly recommend Empire State College to all students who are looking for a quality education.

In addition, I used information learned in the courses to assist one elementary school in the district to create a school website, and helped a second elementary school to revise its outdated website. I was also able to improve my school website by adding a customized child-friendly Google search engine that provides search engine results from a predetermined list of child-safe resources.

The content of the subject matter was crucial towards evaluating the current computer technology at my school and creating a new and improved curriculum for the upcoming year. The courses that I took at Empire State College opened my eyes to new initiatives that I am excited to try such as: Skype in the Classroom and Scholastic News Online.

I gained a wealth of knowledge in the areas of adaptive technology, ethics, privacy and information security, social media, cloud computing and much more.

I also created a presentation that is going to be used at the first staff development meeting in September, as well as the framework for a monthly issue of a Computer Technology Newsletter to be sent home to parents.

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