DP Planner

DP Planner for Undergraduate Students

The DP Planner is a web tool to help you format your degree plan in the college’s official format for submission. It is only used by undergraduate students.

You should consult with your mentor before starting your degree plan. Your mentor will instruct you as to how to proceed with the degree planning process and using DP Planner. Here are some resources that may help:

Create/Revise Your Degree Plan

When you are ready to create your degree program plan, click the link/button below. You can save your work and return at anytime. If you need assistance, call the help desk at (800) 847-3000 ext. 2420.

NOTE (1/31/14): There have been reports of problems downloading files while using Internet Explorer 9. If this occurs we suggest updating your browser or using another browser such as Firefox.

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