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October 15, 2012

Buffalo, New York Becomes Little Tirana for a Day

International Center student Nikoleta Gurra meets NFC Faculty Eralda Caushaj

Left to right: Nikoleta Gurra, adjunct professor Eralda Caushaj and Meg Benke

Left to right: Nikoleta Gurra, Eralda Caushaj and Meg Benke

‌(BUFFALO, N.Y. - Oct. 15, 2012) Nikoleta Gurra, an international student from the University of New York Tirana, Albania, traveled all the way to Buffalo, N.Y. to present her marketing plan for the opening of a new Chinese restaurant in Tirana.

While she enjoyed experiencing a foreign culture and meeting new people, Gurra was pleasantly surprised to encounter a fellow country woman and new Niagara Frontier Center adjunct faculty member, Eralda Caushaj.

“The world is so small. You meet people from Albania everywhere you go,” said Caushaj.

Caushaj was on the UNYT faculty and taught for Empire State College in Tirana, and joined NFC in September of 2012 as a full-time faculty member in math, science and technology. Although the two were not acquainted in Albania, they very much enjoyed making a connection.

“It was exciting to speak with her (Caushaj) and to have someone here from the same culture,” said Gurra. Her experience in New York and the conference has been positive and Gurra plans to share her experience with other UNY/T students when she returns to her home country. She said, “Next year I hope there will be more students from Tirana presenting projects at the conference.”

International student Nikoleta Gurra presents at the 2012 Student Academic Conference

Nikoleta Gurra presents at the conference

Gurra is planning on attending graduate school after she completes her studies with the college. She had been leaning toward study in England, but after having been in New York, she is looking to go to school in the U.S. From there she plans on opening her own marketing firm in Tirana.

“I was immediately impressed with her intelligence, clarity of thought, her focus and the way in which her theoretical studies in business administration are represented in her research,” said Francesca Cichello, director of student services for the college’s Center for International Programs.

Left to right: Francesca Cichello, Nikoleta Gurra, Meg Benke, Nan DiBello at the 2012 Student Academic Conference

Left to right: Francesca Cichello, Nikoleta Gurra, Meg Benke and Nan DiBello, dean of the Niagara Frontier Center

‌Cichello provided an update on college alumna and former international and UNY/T student Altina Besimi, who attended last year’s conference, saying that Besimi is working toward her master’s at the prestigious London School of Economics.


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