Northeast New York

Welcome to the Northeast New York Region

Photo of Gerry Lorentz

Dean Gerry Lorentz

Each year the Northeast New York region serves more than 1,500 undergraduate students in northeastern New York, helping them to balance their studies with their work and life priorities.  For more than 40 years we’ve worked with our students to design their degrees to fit their individual needs and goals.  We are proud of our more than 6,000 alumni, who leverage their ESC experience to advance their careers and make positive contributions to their communities.

At the college, students have the opportunity to learn through a variety of approaches, taking advantage of personalized local support while drawing on the resources of a large statewide college.  Intensive learning experiences such as our Adirondack residency, independent one-on-one studies and online courses allow our students take advantage of all the college has to offer.  Students are also able to engage in a range of activities designed to support their academic success and career aspirations.  Whether it’s a workshop on “Starting the Term Off Right” or a full-day career development series, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance learners' experience.

Our success comes through our students' success.  Our faculty and staff are dedicated to supporting learning and accomplishments. 

Learn more about us, get to know the faculty and staff, make the most of what we offer and discover the benefits of our innovative approach to learning.