School of Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing Education

Nurses with ChartIf you are a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) from a regionally accredited institution with a GPA of 3.0 or above and are looking for an opportunity to earn a graduate degree in nursing, Empire State College's Master of Science in Nursing Education is a good choice for you.

The M. S. in nursing education is a 42-credit, online program. The degree will prepare you to perform the nurse educator role in a clinical setting (such as a staff development department), or as faculty for institutions of higher education.

Program Design

Courses are offered fall, spring and summer terms. See the nursing course information for course descriptions.

Suggested Enrollment Sequence

Term One - 6 credits

Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practices (3 credits)

Professional Role Development and Ethics (3 credits)

Term Two - 6 credits

Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice (3 credits)

Informatics and Health Care Technology (3 credits)

Term Three - 3 credits

Contemporary Issues in Health Care (3 credits)

Term Four - 6 credits

Population Health, Human Diversity and Social Issues (3 credits)

Advanced Pathophysiology (3 credits)

Term Five - 6 credits

Advanced Pharmacology (3 credits)

Advanced Health and Physical Assessment (3 credits)

Term Six - 3 credits

Curriculum and Program Development (3 credits)

Term Seven - 6 credits

Measurement Assessment and Evaluation of Learners and Programs (3 credits)

Instructional Design and Teaching with Technology (3 credits)

Term Eight - 6 credits

Nursing Education Capstone (3 credits)

graduate-level elective (3 credits)

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