Graduate Continuation of Services Payment Policy


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To establish policy and fee process for the School of Graduate Studies to continue to provide services beyond the incomplete period


Services: may include mentoring, advising, instruction and academic support.


The School for Graduate Studies will require a continuation of services payment ($250) from students who are in need of services beyond the term and/or incomplete period. 

The continuation of services paymentgives the student access to college services for an additional term, including the student’s advisor, mentor, observers and/or readers/course instructor, while not requiring the student to re-enroll to be in good standing with the program. If the student takes a formal leave of absence at the point where he/she would normally pay the continuation of services payment and returns at a later date to complete the course, the student will enroll for continuation of services payment at that time. 

The continuation of services payment is not to be used in place of re-enrollment. If a student fails a course, the student must re-enroll and complete the repeat course form.  The use of continuation of services payment is limited to only those exceptional circumstances that are deemed appropriate by the student’s academic program.

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