Are there special challenges that I face as an Empire State College student?

Not really. Empire State College is a fully accredited academic institution and our students are generally on equal footing as students from all other colleges and universities in the United States. All students applying to law school must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and consequently a great deal of their success in being admitted to the law school of their choice depends (although not exclusively) on their LSAT scores. Of course their performance at the undergraduate level, their overall background and experience, and references, will also play a significant role in a law school's decision to admit.

Everything else being equal, however, it's worthwhile to note that given that the average Empire State College law school applicant is typically older than the norm, he or she also benefits from a broader range of experiences, which is, more often than not, viewed very positively by law school admission committees. Consequently, this can provide a distinct advantage to Empire State College students who take the time to present their backgrounds in the proper and fullest context in their application personal statement. (Please also see Section 4 (G) herein for more detailed information pertaining to the "personal statement").