What can I expect once I am in law school?

Obviously, every individual will derive a unique experience from law school. Safe to say that it will be an experience not easily duplicated by anything else you may have or will likely encounter in your life.

The following three books might be of interest to students seeking to acquire some insight from others' perspective:

  • Goldfard, Sally Adams, Edward, Inside the Law Schools,NY: Penguin Books
  • Goldrich, Chris, Anarchy and Elegance: Confessions of a Journalist at Yale Law School, Boston: Little, Brown and Co, 1991.
  • Kahlenberg, Richard D., Maximizing the Law School Experience Il, Stetson University College of Law. This compendium contains essays and articles designed to educate prospective law students about the opportunities and expectations of law school, and equip new law students with the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed.