Student Affairs Committee

SAC Conference Call Agenda
February 23, 2011
5 pm – 6 pm

Sub-Committee Reports

Communications (Jason Fishner)

Newsletter update– Pat Myers
E-mail for students – Pat Myers

Diversity Committee (Baraka Corley)

Student Engagement (Susan Voutsinas)

Student Art Award (Lue and Pat)

Student Academic Conference (Tom Brady)

New Business

Dean’s List – Amy C.
Health Insurance – Pat Myers
Special Discounts for students – Pat Myers
Graduate Residency fee increase – Pat Myers
Elimination of Narrative Evaluations - Colleen
Governance Scholarships – Pat Myers
Counseling Update – Pat Myers
Student Success and Retention Task Force – Pat Myers
Other business - All

Grad Residency Response 2-23-11 meeting ( 28kB)