Student Affairs Committee

Student Affairs Committee
Conference Call
February 6, 2012

Introductions & Welcome to our New Student Representative, Katelyn Jorgensen
1.) Name   2.) Center   3.) Staff or Student   4.) Tell us one thing that you did over the holidays (All) 11:00-11:10

Review of minutes from October 14th meeting (All) 11:10-11:15

Student Engagement Sub-Committee Update (Kate Colberg)11:15-11:20

Newsletter Committee Sub-Committee Update (Danielle Clum) 11:20-11:25

Financial Literacy Sub-Committee Update (Audrey Lynch) 11:25-11:30

Discussion about Earth Week clothing drive (Audrey Lynch) 11:30-11:40

All College Planning (Pat Myers & Amy Costantino) 11:40-11:45

Update from the Office of Collegewide Student Affairs
(Discovery: An Undergraduate Showcase, ART Competition, Student Emails Protocal) (Pat Myers) 11:45-11:55

Announcements, questions, comments or concerns? (All) 11:55-12:00

  1. Congrats to Sandra Barkevich!
  2. Planning for the rest of the Governance year (April 16th face-to-face meeting in Syracuse?)