How You are Billed

  • Your student account statement (formerly account summary) is available to view in MyESC. Your statement will provide the most up-to-date information about your account. Students are encouraged to review their account regularly, especially after registering, as well as prior to the term's payment due date to verify your account balance. Your charges must be paid in full by the payment due date to avoid cancellation of your registration.
  • Please review your charges for accuracy. You are charged at the applicable rate for all courses in which you are enrolled, regardless of whether or not any course is included in your degree program. Please note that only those courses that count toward your degree program are eligible for financial aid, with very few exceptions.

For additional information visit:

Payment Due Dates

Obtaining an Official Bursar Receipt

1098-T Tuition Statements


Contact the Student Information Center at 518-587-2100 or 800-847-3000.

Effective with registration for the Fall 2 term, which opens on Sept. 16, 2014, students will no longer receive paper bills after registering.