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Issue 67, August 14, 2014

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How to Survive Summer Classes While Still Enjoying Summer

By Jennifer Quaglio, student, Center for Distance Learning

While summer is upon us and the weather is amazing, some of us still have classes to take. In his Huffington Post article, Mike Morton of Rutger’s University says, “A funny thing happens when you become a college student. ... MORE

Current News

New Library Website Is Live! Online Library One of Only Mobile-friendly Libraries in SUNY System; Link Here

After several months of discussion, design, collection of feedback from the college community and usability testing, the librarians are unveiling the new Online Library. ... MORE

MyESC Resources for Financial Aid

If you are getting ready for the fall term and plan to use financial aid, there are a few steps you can take to make sure that you are receiving all of the aid you should receive and that the aid process runs smoothly. ... MORE

Unique All-female Jazz Quartet Enthralls Hudson Street Audience with Improvised Standards and Original Music

Sylvia Cuenca, a 2014 Empire State College Bachelor of Arts graduate in jazz performance, plays for the Metropolitan Center. ... MORE

Creative Corner

Butterflies on Windshields

The mountains, clothed in ... MORE

Congress Park

Congress Park ... MORE

Social Corner

Student Spotlight: Matt Canuteson Wins Award for Fighting Discrimination Against Individuals with Behavioral Health Issues

Matt Canuteson, a graduate student in Social and Public Policy, has been awarded the ... MORE

Utica Observer-Dispatch: What's in a Name? SUNYIT Now SUNY PI; SUNY Adds New College Through Merger

The new college created by the merger of SUNYIT and Albany’s College of Nanoscale Science ... MORE

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