Associate Professor Margaret Souza Presents Paper at Death, Dying and Disposal 10 Conference in the Netherlands

By Helen Edelman, manager, Exchange

February 22, 2012

Margaret SouzaAssociate Professor Margaret Souza, left, a mentor located at the Staten Island Unit of the Metropolitan Center, attended the Death, Dying and Disposal 10 conference in Nijmegen, Netherlands. She presented a paper entitled “The Embodied Experience of Dying” that included her present research that focuses on the experiences of individuals with a life-threatening or serious illness. In the paper she also included data from prior research she has done with individuals who were dying.

Souza is a medical anthropologist who received her doctorate and master’s degree in anthropology from the graduate faculty at the New School. She also holds a master’s in social work from Wayne State University. Her research has focused on end-of-life issues in both acute care and long-term care facilities in New York City, where she served as a researcher, educator and practitioner. She is the author of “The Many Ways We Talk about Death in Contemporary Society: Interdisciplinary Studies in Portrayal and Classification.”